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 It all started in 1535, when Jacques Cartier landed here, and the first trading port was created in what is now Quebec. Since, the city had become its Province's capital and a destination popular for its sights, architecture and food. Visit the famous Chateau Frontenac, the world's most photographed hotel, or one of the other 36 national historic sites, each a sight to behold in its own right. But walking through the Old Port or the Plains of Abraham is perhaps the best way to feel and breathe in the historical atmosphere of the city.


Canadian Dollar, 1 CAD = 100 cents


Emergency: 911
Health Info (No emergency): 811


Quebec Chronicle
Le Soleil


Standard banking hours are from 10:00 to 15:00 Monday through Friday, with extended hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at some locations.

Most businesses, including shopping centers, are open:
Monday to Wednesday: 9:30 - 17:30
Thursday and Friday: 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 9:30 – 17:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00
Business hours are usually longer in December and in tourist areas.




Centre Infotouriste de Québec
12 Rue Sainte-Anne, Quebec City
+1 418 641 6290

Mid-June to August 31: daily, 9.00 - 18:00.
September 1 to mid-June: daily, 9.00 - 17:00

Quebec City skyline and St Lawrence River in autumn, Canada

The City

Quebec City boasts a charm one could only find in one of the oldest towns in America. Imbued with history and surrounded by the only fortifications north of Mexico, it is truly a place like no other. Walking along its cobbled streets and narrow pathways one is surrounded by an Old France feel, a remnant of the past that has made Quebec city what it is today.

The UNESCO-protected old district and lower city are where the heart of the province's capital beats the strongest, with tiny eateries and animated cafes just a few steps away from street artists. Take a stroll in the Quartier Petit Champlain for some of the best sights in the center or walk by the St. Lawrence, the river that gave Quebec City the name of "where the river narrows".

Young woman taking pictures on the busy rue Petit Champlain in Quebec City, Canada. North American, adventure, travel vacation, photography, outdoors and life style concept

Do & See

Quebec City is so picturesque, you might at some point forget it is a real city. The tiny streets and tiny houses will take you back in time and away from what you would expect of a North American city. However, if the shops, cafes and restaurants are adorable, the streets and monuments will remind you of the historical importance of Quebec.

Old Quebec

Quartier Petit Champlain

St. Lawrence River


Montmorency Falls

The Citadel of Quebec

Ghost Walks

Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral

National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec

Morrin Centre

A company of people dining in a restaurant while smiling waitress is serving them


Although the culinary scene in Quebec is deeply influenced by its French past, Italian food and Canadian specialties, such as the famous poutine, are ubiquitous. You can also enjoy the best of Canadian multiculturalism at the city's varied restaurants. Each area has its own personality and style, so worry not: you will never go hungry in a city like Quebec.

Restaurant Panache


Chez Boulay Bistro Boréal

Conti Caffè

Les Frères de la Côte

Le Café du Monde


Le Clocher Penché

Restaurant Hobbit Bistro

Ciccio Café

Café De Paris

Chic Shack

Le Monastère des Augustines

Soupe & Cie

Group of young people sitting at a cafe, talking and enjoying


Small streets and tiny cafes: Quebec City might as well have invented the concept of coziness. Choices range widely: traditional or Americanized coffee shops, small cafés and bakeries with a Parisian feel, trendier and inventive new places - Quebec has it all. If in the summer you can enjoy sunny terraces, and during the very cold winter coffee shops can be a lifesaver.

Les Cafés Du Soleil

Nektar Caféologue

Maelstrøm Saint-Roch

Cantook Micro Torréfaction

Le Renard et la Chouette

Chez Temporel

Café Krieghoff

La Maison Smith

Délices Érable & Cie

Tim Hortons

Quebec City skyline at dusk, Canada

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you are in for a crazy night of partying, or would much prefer listening to live music (or singing yourself) with a good ale in hand, there are enough options in Quebec, despite the city being smaller than its counterparts.
Stroll over to rue Saint-Jean for a relaxed pace and atmosphere where everyone comes together to sit at the local bars and have a quiet drink. Expect to find a highly cultural environment with influences and people from all over the world. There are options for every musical preference, from opera to dance and rock. One of your best options might be to go to one of the many festivals that take place each year, but be sure to check the dates beforehand.

La Ninkasi du Faubourg

La Korrigane

Pub Des Borgias

Pub Galway

Pub St. Patrick


Bar Les Voûtes de Napoléon

Quebec Pub Crawl

Jack Saloon

People in street of old city of Quebec


Among the many picturesque streets and historical buildings, your shopping experience will be one to remember. Quebec City boasts entire streets dedicated to shopping, and has nothing to envy bigger cities in that respect. Visit the Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec, which is a large market with all kinds of natural products, from fruit to vegetable, or step into Les Galeries de la Capital, one of the biggest malls that Quebec has to offer - big enough to include a roller coaster! Art galleries, traditional glass work, vintage toy stores, crafts and design are also ubiquitous.

Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec

Galerie de la Capitale & Mega Park

Épicerie JA Moisan

Atelier Les Trois Corbeaux


Laurier Québec

Galerie d'Art Factory

BiBi & Cie, Chapelier

La Maison Simons

Cruise ship and lower town old buildings with blue sky in Quebec City.

Tourist Information

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport

The Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB) is located about 7 miles west of the city. The Réseau du Transport de la Capitale (RTC) offers public transportation (bus No. 78) from the airport to the Les Saules bus terminal from Monday to Friday.

Taxi and can rental companies can also be found at the airport for convenient transport to the city.

Address: 505 Rue Principale, Quebec City

Phone: +1 418 640 3300


Public Transport

The Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC) is responsible for public transport in the region. They have buses to all parts of Quebec City. You can buy tickets in drugstores, convenience stores and pharmacies.

An inter-city bus station, with connections to the provincial long-distance bus network, is adjacent to the train station. The services of Greyhound Canada and Orleans Express, among others.

Rail transport is operated by VIA Rail at the Gare du Palais.



Taxi Coop Québec
+1 418 525 5191

Taxi Laurier
+1 418 651 2727


Stamps can be bought at post offices (Canada Post), drug stores or convenience store.

There are post offices in several places around the city, including the one mentioned below:

Address: 5 Rue Du Fort, Quebec City



You can find pharmacies and drugstores all around Quebec City, most of them closing at about 21:00 or 22:00. One 24-hour pharmacy is Pharmaprix Vanier:

Address: 995, Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Quebec City


Phone: +1 418 682 8635


Time Zone

Quebec City is in the Eastern Time Zone (EST) which is (UTC-5).


Country code: +1
Area code: 418


The electrical supply is 110 Volts and 60 Hertz.