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December InSight 2019

Tips for Business Travel During the Holiday Season


With the festive season just around the corner, many of us are thinking about our holiday plans and what gifts to buy. However, this doesn't mean that traveling for business gets put on hold. For the frequent business traveler, heading into a more-chaotic-than-normal airport filled with new travelers, can cause added stress.

Read on for some tips to help you survive traveling during the holiday season


How to get around in London without Uber


In late November Uber lost their license to operate in London, UK. While they challenge this ruling they will be allowed to continue working, however it prompted us to take a look at the other options available. It turns out there are quite a few handy apps.  

There are a number of apps for booking or locating a traditional black cab; TaxiApp UK, Gett  and FreeNow. An alternative service aimed at female travelers is London Lady Chauffeurs which is a private car service. 

In addition to Uber there are two other ride hailing services operating in London;

  • Bolt which was previously known as Taxify and then Hopp. Their app offers a panic button that connects directly to the Metropolitan Police an added safety feature.
  • Kapten is a French company formerly known as Chauffeur-Privé. Their service offers a loyalty program.

Make the Most of Business Trips

Each business trip you take causes some level of disruption to your personal or professional life – so each time you take a trip, make sure to maximize the value.  While most trips have a main purpose or focus (visiting a specific client or attending a conference), look for other things you can do while you’re there.

Check your company’s list of clients or prospects to find other people at your destination that you can visit. No clients available? Do a search of your LinkedIn network for industry contacts that might be there. A no-pressure coffee or lunch with an industry contact can help to strengthen a relationship compared to those times when you’re knocking on their door asking for a favor. Some people will even post on LinkedIn or other (business-oriented) social media networks an open invitation – indicating that they’ll be at a particular café at a certain time and welcoming their network to come and visit them.